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2015’s top 5 Cyber Security risks in South Africa:

  1. Blast ware to Destroy Systems, Erase Data and Cover Hacker Tracks
  2. Hackers Look to Evade Law Enforcement, Frame the Innocent
  3. Internet of Things Becomes Internet of Threats
  4. Denial of Revenue/Data Breaches Continue and Expand
  5. Denial of Revenue/Data Breaches Continue and Expand

How users, enabled hackers to obtain these details more easily by providing known companies with our data?

Protect against online fraud Online fraud takes on many guises that can impact everyone, including small businesses and their employees. It is helpful to maintain consistent and predictable online messaging when communicating with your customers to prevent others from impersonating your company. Be sure to never request personal information or account details through email, social networking or other online messages. Let your customers know you will never request this kind of information through such channels and instruct them to contact you directly should they have any concerns.

  1. Protect against phishing Phishing is the technique used by online criminals to trick people into thinking they are dealing with a trusted website or other entity.

businesses face this threat from two directions — phishers may be impersonating them to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, and phishers may be trying to steal their employees’ online credentials. Attackers often take advantage of current events and certain types of the year, such as: • Natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina, Indonesian tsunami) SF-1 FCC SMALL BIZ CYBER PLANNING GUIDE F-2 • Epidemics and health scares (H1N1) • Economic concerns • Major political elections • Holidays

How they can be avoided or mitigated?

  • Test web-facing servers often and thoroughly. How often is often? Hackers have probably discovered 10 new ways to exploit your server as you read this sentence. Initiate automated scans and manually scan your web servers at least monthly. Use multi-layered scanning – don’t use the same scan utility over and over. Scan from inside and outside your network. You never know where a hacker may be sitting.




Information Fluency is a model that builds on the skills of traditional digital literacy, integrating technology with domain of specific knowledge, critical thinking, presentation, participation and communication skills. All of this promotes understanding.

Digital Information Fluency gives us the ability to find, evaluate and use the digital information effectively, efficiently and ethically. As discussed previously with regards to children having access online which result in them being exposed and vulnerable. Digital Information Fluency involves knowing how digital information is different from print information. This is basically a hard copy of information and having the skills to use specialized tools for finding digital information. This involves using technology such as a laptop to find saved documents. In order for information fluency to perform optimally it means teachers and librarians must develop these specific skills and teach them to students which will in turn allow students to become better equipped to achieve their information needs. (Full Circle Kit. 2016).


So why is this important? We must understand that at home, at school and in the workplace, digital information is beginning to compete with print as the primary format for information. Only 2 % of new information created today appears in print format.(21st Century Information Fluency. 2016). As a result of this, Digital Information Fluency allows us to locate, evaluate and ethically use that information. We live in a century where information improves our lives, personally, educationally, socially and economically. People without the skills to use digital information will become increasingly disadvantaged weather it is at home, at school and in the workplace.

Information Fluency

The social economy

Digital Communication Defined as we understand is the ability to create persuasive communications in different media. This can include websites, video, audio, text, or even animated multimedia. Digital communication is a foundation skill for most careers today as is very essential that everyone goes for training but more importantly knows how to use its resources. It should start in Pres School and be taught all the way up to higher education such as UCT. Students can learn a variety of digital communication skills across all their courses. This means they will learn all what is needed whether they build multimedia presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of academic subjects, create e-portfolios of coursework, or present ideas in a virtual classroom. (Classle-Social learning with online courses & books. 2016).

There is no doubt that technology has brought change and also social change. Technology has allowed trade between countries to take place, which generates money. Now unfortunately this means that a social divide of wealth will begin to take place. As a consequence of this, a gap between the rich and poor will begin to immerse. This will allow the rich to have access to new technologies and allow them to keep getting rich. This will always end up in a downward spiral for those less fortunate. Crime will increase which can clearly be seen in Cape Town and all of South Africa for that matter.


All in all technology leads to the alienation of people in a country irrespective of the idea that we are all born free and equal.

Value of social technologies:

>In a few short years, social technologies have given social interactions the speed and scale of the Internet.

>Social technologies are there to conduct discussions like: consumer products, getting in contact with family member’s, socializing with the youth having Facebook pages of interesting topic spoken about the world  or organizing political movements

>People all over the world use social media to seek information and to communicate to anyone if they in another country.

>Companies use them to reach consumers in new ways too, like: business awareness, having conversations with them, organizations  can get hold of other business and also can invest in young  business people, by the use of different social technologies help the business to run on a good digital source

>People are always wanting was to achieve potential benefits.

>The global economy is a huge and powerful application for social technologies which the world runs around it


A business

Social media what it does for a business it can give off significant changes in culture and processes, especially in areas such as customer service, marketing, and business growth.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and sales revenues , if it is used in a correct way and orderly manner. A business can benefit from social media which is a great source opportunity to grow the business.

>Brand awareness is recognized

>Customer service, loyalty and feedback is communicated

>Staffing decisions are evaluated

>Business growth is a successful skill when the use of social media, cause today technology makes this universe.

Human life:

>People can find their family members from all over the world, to communicate, send pictures, comment on peoples post and also to get any information that you need

>You are able to be personal if you want

>There a social networks that helps with and issues from, abuse,rape, crimes,death,drugs etc.

>Groups of people avalabile to communitcate with about your problems and to get advice straight away.

>Be motivated by other peoples expercinces that is shared of these social networks, which can bring awareness to the world.


>What people do with social media and also how companies respond to what people say and do. This can be good doing or bad, which at the end can affect a business.

>The risks exist regardless of where and how employees access social media

>Risks can be a negative effect on the business networks and how it operations, so think before you do, cause customer’s opinions matter today in this world

>Risk can cause customer loss, loss in productivity, reputation damage and ownership etc.

> Also as a person risk can affect you positively or negatively

>This can result in your reputation is take for granted and is abused by a person or a group of people on what they said negatively about you or positively

>Your life is at risk cause you can never trust a person over social networks , they show their true mean side which you can be affected but then will gain from your pain.

>There evil people out there in the social world to make sure, what you put up on these social networks is safe and not judgments will be done to you

”Just keep in mind keep your personal life as private as you can, and no harm will come near you”

Techno- economic paradigm

Techno-economic paradigm shifts are at the core of general, innovation-based theory of economic and societal development as conceived by Carlota Perez. this technological revolutions and Financial Capital is a seminal enunciation of the theory, and has had immense influence on business strategy, state development programs and policy, and academic thinking on the subject.(Anthem Press,2016) .

Techno-economic paradigm describe the change of technology.Techno-economic paradigm it analyse the structure of technology and the role in improving the economy through the application of accompanying.

One can develop from this by making use of the application of accompanying techno-economic paradigm.(Shaunkoti ,2016)

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