Techno- economic paradigm

Techno-economic paradigm shifts are at the core of general, innovation-based theory of economic and societal development as conceived by Carlota Perez. this technological revolutions and Financial Capital is a seminal enunciation of the theory, and has had immense influence on business strategy, state development programs and policy, and academic thinking on the subject.(Anthem Press,2016) .

Techno-economic paradigm describe the change of technology.Techno-economic paradigm it analyse the structure of technology and the role in improving the economy through the application of accompanying.

One can develop from this by making use of the application of accompanying techno-economic paradigm.(Shaunkoti ,2016)

Malcolm, Wilson (2014)(Definition of techno-economic paradigm), Retrieved from

Anthem Press.2016.Techno-Economic Paradigms available at [accessed 1 November 2016]

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