Information Fluency is a model that builds on the skills of traditional digital literacy, integrating technology with domain of specific knowledge, critical thinking, presentation, participation and communication skills. All of this promotes understanding.

Digital Information Fluency gives us the ability to find, evaluate and use the digital information effectively, efficiently and ethically. As discussed previously with regards to children having access online which result in them being exposed and vulnerable. Digital Information Fluency involves knowing how digital information is different from print information. This is basically a hard copy of information and having the skills to use specialized tools for finding digital information. This involves using technology such as a laptop to find saved documents. In order for information fluency to perform optimally it means teachers and librarians must develop these specific skills and teach them to students which will in turn allow students to become better equipped to achieve their information needs. (Full Circle Kit. 2016).


So why is this important? We must understand that at home, at school and in the workplace, digital information is beginning to compete with print as the primary format for information. Only 2 % of new information created today appears in print format.(21st Century Information Fluency. 2016). As a result of this, Digital Information Fluency allows us to locate, evaluate and ethically use that information. We live in a century where information improves our lives, personally, educationally, socially and economically. People without the skills to use digital information will become increasingly disadvantaged weather it is at home, at school and in the workplace.

Information Fluency

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