The types of intelligence

1. Logical Mathematical



4.Body kinetic

Logical/Mathematical This type of intelligence deals with logic, reasoning, numbers, problem solving and critical thinking which can be great for the business in solving complex and intricate problems.(Roberts Blog,2016)
Musical this is the area with sensitivity to sound, tone, rhythms and music. This industry is massive today thanks to sound engineers and talented individuals, being able to transform business and technology by developing software that helps the industry work efficiently and progressively.

Linguistic Having this intelligence means people can express themselves clearly with words, both spoken and written. They are excellent communicators; they have great memory and are good at reading.(Roberts Blog,2016)

Body Kinesthetic This very rare type of intelligence involves coordinating mind with body. Regarding the importance of this intelligence type, Professional body language toward workplace colleagues.

Reference list

Robert Blog.2016.Four aspects of intelligence. Available at :{accessed 05 October 2016}

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