Rape -cold hard facts

Define: Rape crime in South Africa has one of the highest rate in the word therefore, a realistic and sensible solution has to be created in order to combat the problem in society.(DIGC1150 Assignment .2016)

  • Discover: The main reason why rape is happening and ways to prevent it, as well as the factors in society that drives rapes.
  • Design:
  • South Africa has to implement an effective system for the reporting of rape cases in such a manner that the victims right are taken into account.
  • Create awareness about rape and educational training (DIGC1150 Assignment .2016)
  • Debrief:
  • Social support group for rape victims and their family.
  • Have trained medical personnel to assist the rape victims.
  • Deliver:
  • Implement security measure by appointing community members to guard their area.
  • Provide society with safety equipment (DIGC1150 Assignment .2016)

Reference list

DIGC1150 Assignment .2016.Rape- cold hard facts Available at : http://mounirah15.blogspot.co.za/2016/03/task-51-digital-rights-and.html#!/2016/03/task-22-digital-literacy.html%5BAccessed 05 October 2016]

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