inappropriate digital conduct

Sexual harassment

This issue is taken seriously because people tend to think they are online in the comfort of their homes, it is highly inappropriate and not only are people made to feel fear and abuse, this sort of harassment tends to escalate and later lead to mental and emotional scaring for the victims. (Zamaswezi Nkosi.2016).

Cyber bullying Cyber bullying is major issue in today’s digital world; it is an issue that many teenagers and young adults have to face almost on a daily basis. The unfortunate tendency is that most victims of cyber bullying and bullying in general tend to resort to extreme measures in their efforts of trying to deal with this issue, the most unfortunate being committing suicide.(Zamaswezi Nkosi .2016)

Aggressive Communication (verbal & written) People tend to say and insinuate things on the internet whenever they are angry or want to vent angrily and in a rude disrespectful manner and all this rudeness and anger is usually directed towards other individuals or groups of individuals.

Flirting with the idea of suicide It seems normal today for people to joke about committing suicide and harming themselves, they tend to take it a bit further and post their desires to end their lives online especially on social media. This behaviour follows individuals in them seeking employment, it always negatively affects their prospects as employers might think, rightly so, you are mentally disturbed/unstable.(Zamaswezi Nkosi.2016)
two articles

Teens taunted by bullies are more likely to consider, attempt suicide

March 10, 2014 | Karen Kaplan
Victims of bullying were more than twice as likely as other kids to contemplate suicide and about 2.5 times as likely to try to kill themselves, according to a new study that quantifies the emotional effects of being teased, harassed, beaten up or otherwise harmed by one’s peers. Children and teens who were taunted by cyberbullies were especially vulnerable — they were about three times as likely than other kids to have suicidal thoughts, the study found. The findings, published online Monday by the journal JAMA Pediatrics, puts the lie to the old adage about sticks and stones.


April 22, 2014 | By Lance Pugmire
DALLAS – It’s not just about getting under the Ducks’ skin with the Dallas Stars, it’s about penetrating their minds. The evidence includes Antoine Roussel’s Game 3 punch directed at Ryan Getzlaf’s cut-up face, Ryan Garbutt’s slide that broke the right leg of Ducks defenseman Stephane Robidas, and Stars Coach Lindy Ruff’s endorsement of the roughness. “A couple of scrums that, I’m pretty sure if you watch, our guys got punched in the face a few times … when you’re getting punched in the face, you’re going to punch back … playoff hockey’s emotional,” Ruff said after Dallas’ 3-0 victory that cut the Ducks’ Western Conference first-round best-of-seven series lead to 2-1. After losing the first two games, the Stars clearly displayed their desperation mode in a 17-penalty battle, and now it’s the Ducks’ turn to answer in Game 4 on Wednesday at American Airlines Center.
Reference list
Zamaswezi Nkosi.2016.inappropriate digital conduct and effect on society. Available at : 05 October 2016]

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