Digital and Responsibilities

Organisation : HCEM

Member: Nonhlanhla Maphalalala and Lebogang Mothibe

Dated:14 October 2016

Digital citizenship The digital rights and responsibilities are bestowed upon society to use with freedom, all the different types of the digital technology. It is imperative that society uses this technology in an appropriate manner, this includes being accountable and sensitive on the World Wide Web.

On platforms such as the internet being conscious of privacy, freedom of expression is important. This petition is aimed at the 21st Century, we can’t ignore the facts of this here petition, and what we have to consider is that each individual has the right to access this technology and its information /data. (Digital Rights and Responsibilities, 2016).

The purpose of this petition is to bring to action the participation of society in the improvement of access to technology and digital literacy. Education is important in this digital age, the use of technology especially to the students of the world.

It allows them to express themselves and their new age views and ideas, communication on these platforms will allow them to communicate world-wide in the global community. We encourage the leaders of the free world to consider the different advantages of digital access and how it can, in most cases, improve human rights and the quality of life in their respective countries.

Kind Regards

Nonhlanhla Maphalala

HCEM Student, Varsity College

(Sandton Campus) South Africa


Reference list

DIGC 5110 Assignment .2016.Digital Rights and Responsibilities Available at:!/2016/03/task-51-digital-rights-and.html%5BAccessed 05 October 2016]

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