socio-economic effects

The effect of wireless technology on modern society has been profound. Wireless mobility  allowes easy access communication anywhere, anytime, mobilizing the exchanging and sending of information and services is not limited with distances, also not traped  by geographic barriers in which  have an positive and a negative impact. New ways to connect, share, and innovate using wireless technology are invented every day around the world, and this as erised  the traditional walls that have divided societies for centuries.

Closing information gaps: The ability of wireless to go anywhere anytime means that the technology can be  collected and provided in a way that it could not be gether before . Workers can communicate with each other through wireless platforms about working conditions though using various media platforms like social media ,emails within and outside the business promises factories and on farms.they allows the patients with diabetes  to ragulally check  health care progress over time and can improve their state of the chronic disease.(socio-economic impacts of wireless techology,may 2012,pp4-5).

The mobile technology is working in great ways to empower the lives of individuals. this makes information accessible to people to collecte and organize different types  of information and even connect people  around the world in a way  they never thought possible.  mobile technology enables teaching, learning, and connecting, and ultimately empowering society anywhere and anytime. mobile technology is enabling government transparency around the world and providing people with the tools to become more active and engaged citizens.(socio-economic impacts of wireless techology,may 2012,pp4-5).

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